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CARE - Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe


CARE Project is a EU-FP7 Funded Coordination Action focused at reinforcing the collaboration among the European Institutions involved in antenna research.

This pan-European effort, focused on the New Member States, has the objective of improving the European excellence by promoting active secondments of researchers and strengthening cooperation and synergies among Institutions located in different countries.

This coordination activity is expected to create cross-fertilisation of an organization to another, thus ensuring common understanding of concepts and enabling new research developments (see the CARE Antenna Virtual Centre structure).


In particular, CARE will provide:

   1) antenna researchers secondments  (see details on applications, hosting, etc,)

   2) coordination of the antenna research in Europe  (see details on research topics)

   3) best practices on antenna software and measurement (see Software details and Facilities Database) 

   4) workshops in international conferences (see details on CARE Workshops at EuCAP)

   5) training courses  (see details on the European School of Antenna courses)

   5) dissemination, by Internet (see details on the Virtual Centre)


The researchers secondment plays a key role in CARE, since the mobility of PhD, post-graduate students, researchers and other antenna experts is seen as a major action to achieve sustainable knowledge sharing. In this frame, the CARE Consortium aims to support the flow of skilled people among universities, research institutions, and business-related companies of the enlarged Europe.

How to apply and the CARE secondment policy&regulations are detailed here.


The list of the CARE mobility actions provided so far is detailed here.




CARE will also support the dissemination of the results within the enlarged Europe, in close cooperation with the European Association on Antennas and Propagation (see



CARE Coordinator
Dr. Bruno Casali
Tel: +39 050 31 24 241
Fax: +39 050 31 24 201



The detailed information about the CARE activities is contained in the following table of the CARE Workpackage.

  WP Description Responsible and Email Organisation
  1 Antenna Experts Groups Per Ingvarson ( RUAG Space AB
  2 Antenna Best Practices Guy Vandenbosch ( Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  3 Workshops and other events Juan Mosig ( Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  4 Antenna Virtual Centre Francesco Silvestri ( ITLink srl
  5 Antenna Training Program Stefano Maci ( Universit√† di Siena
  6 Management Bruno Casali ( IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA
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Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe

Antenna research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

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