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3 Workshops and other events Juan Mosig ( Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne


Workpackage 3 - Workshops and other events


Along the CARE duration, three Workshops will be organised (in 2010, 2011 and 2012) to consolidate the exchange of information expected in WP1 and WP2 secondments and to create durable contacts among researchers to be continued beyond the CARE timeframe.

These three workshops will be joined with the major conference in Europe on antennas: the European Conference on Antenna&Propagation (EuCAP). EuCAP organisers confirmed their availability  to host the CARE workshops at EuCAP in 2010, 2011 and 2012. At EuCAP, CARE will create new liaisons among antennas researchers and will support brokerage towards SME.


The first CARE Workshop at EuCAP2010 in Barcelona has been focused on spreading the information about this new FP7 Coordination Action towards the Antenna researchers community. The workshop included the presentations of the project vision and the detailed description of the CARE workpackages objectives and expected results (see presentations attached below).


The second CARE Workshop at EuCAP2011 in Rome aims at providing a clear view of the secondments opportunities, for Candidate Researchers and Hosting Institutions in order to boost the mobility effort planned in CARE. The details of the applications, candidate selection, secondments logistics and final reporting are presented, providing the contact persons and email addresses to receive further information. The attached presentations include also some results from the first year secondments.


The third CARE Workshop at EuCAP2012 in Prague will celebrate the final event of the CARE project in a New Member State.

In this Final Workshops, the CARE secondees will present the results of their research and willl spread the results of the collaboration among the Institutions, both on antennas technologies and sub-systems.

The impact on antenna research in New Member States is expected to be further enhanced by the large percentage of NMS researchers (up to 30%) involved in the CARE secondments.

File Size Date
CARE-WS2-Agenda.pdf 105 kB 16/04/2011
CARE-WS2-WP1.pdf 1.1 MB 16/04/2011
CARE-WS2-Bosiljevac.pdf 1012 kB 16/04/2011
CARE-WS2-Bhattacharya.pdf 1.2 MB 16/04/2011
CARE-WS2-WP5.pdf 1.9 MB 16/04/2011
CARE-Presentation-Overview.pdf 251 kB 18/01/2011
CARE-WS2-Overview.pdf 1.6 MB 16/04/2011
CARE-Presentation-AEG.pdf 655 kB 18/01/2011
CARE-Presentation-ABPG.pdf 1.8 MB 18/01/2011
CARE-Presentation-Diss.&Impact.pdf 813 kB 18/01/2011
CARE-Presentation-ESoA.pdf 3.4 MB 18/01/2011
CARE Final Workshop Invitation.pdf 18 kB 09/05/2012
CARE Final Workshop Programme.pdf 14 kB 09/05/2012
CARE Final Workshop Proceedings.pdf 7.7 MB 09/05/2012
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