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Antenna measurements constitute an indispensable part of the development, approval, or commissioning of any wireless system. The stringent specifications and high complexity of modern antennas necessitate that the characterization of these be achieved by way of measurements. This is true for analysis and synthesis in the development of antennas, for verification in the approval of antennas, and for calibration in the commissioning of antennas. The importance of antenna measurements increases with the on-going growth of wireless technologies, and it is reflected in expanding research and development activities as well as numerous new antenna measurement facilities being established.

Antenna measurements were a central activity in the recently completed EU Network of Excellence ACE Antenna Centre of Excellence and are also in focus in the on-going EU Cost Action ASSIST Antenna Systems & Sensors for Information Society Technologies. With the commencement of EurAPP European Association on Antennas and Propagation there is now a possibility to establish a long-term framework for cooperation on antenna measurements in Europe

Generally, the EurAPP working group on antenna measurements constitutes a framework for cooperation to advance research and development of antenna measurements in support of the ever-increasing use of wireless technology in modern society.

Specifically, the EurAPP working group will pursue the following long-term objectives:
  • Antenna measurement techniques for new wireless technologies
  • Standard procedures for different antenna measurements techniques
  • Standard procedures for benchmarking of antenna measurement facilities
  • Services for antenna measurement facilities and the wireless communication industry
  • Mobility of personnel and sharing of technical resources
  • Educational activities for universities and industry
  • Cooperation/networking with other professional organizations on antenna measurements

Focus On

Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe

Antenna research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

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