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EurAAP Working Group on Propagation

chaired by Thomas Kürner

Propagation is the core and integral part of every wireless system and investigations on propagation are the starting point for every new system that is designed from scratch or adapted to a new frequency range and/or operational environment.
Although research in propagation has a long tradition in radio science, we are still far a away from having answers to all propagation-related problems and questions arising from research, development, standardization, regulation and operation of wireless communications.
On the other hand the propagation community is split in a couple of "sub-communities" as there are for example:
  • Mobile Propagation
  • Satellite Propagation
  • Ionospheric Propagation
  • Terrestrial Propagation
  • Remote Sensing
  • Free-Space Optical Propagation
The separate sub-communities meet typically at separate conference. Still there are many topics common to each of these areas and form an exchange all can benefit.
The European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), organised by EurAAP, is the only big conference in Europe where scientists representing the different areas are coming together enabling the exchange of information as well as networking across the different sub-communities.
The primary objective of the WG Propagation is to increase visibility and perception of propagation both inside and outside of EurAAP/EuCAP.
To achieve this main objective the WG Propagation works towards the following objectives:
  • Ensure a proper representation of propagation interests within EuCAP and EurAAP
  • Increase the number of propagation and propagation-related submissions to EuCAP
  • Increase the number of offered propagation and propagation-related courses within the European School of Antennas
  • Support project proposals on projects on propagation(for example within the COST framework)
  • Generate white papers on open research topics in propagation
  • Exchange information with other propagation-related groups, e.g. COST-IC104, URSI, VTS Committee on Propagation, URSI, etc.
WG Propagation is a large group with more than 90 participants from about 70 organizations in 18 countries.
A plenary meeting takes place once a year during the EuCAP. Between two EuCAPs communications is organized via an e-mail reflector and LinkedIn group. In order to ensure that working towards objectives is organized in an efficient way a board has been elected at the inaugural meeting in Prague for the term 2012-2015.
The board meets monthly by Phone conferences and consists of the following members:
  • Thomas Kürner, TU Braunschweig (Germany), Chair
  • Bertram Arbesser-Rastburg, ESA
  • Yannick Beniquel, IEEA (France)
  • Laurent Castanet, ONERA (France)
  • Vittorio Degli-Esposti, University of Bologna (Italy)
  • Erich Leitgeb, TU Graz (Austria)
  • Antonio Martellucci, ESA
  • Claude Oestges, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)
  • Carlo Riva, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
  • Alain Sibille, Telecom Paris Tech (France)
For more information or for joining the WG Propagation, please contact Thomas Kürner (

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