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6 Management Bruno Casali ( IDS Ingegneria dei Sistemi SpA


Workpackage 6 – Project Management



The Project Management structure has been organised in order to guarantee the highest level of control of the projest and the expected benefit for the European community of antenna researchers. In details, the Project Management structure  is based on:


1) a set of bodies:

a)      Governing Board (GB), is the principal decision-making body of the Coordination Action and comprises all Contractors;

b)      Executive Board (EB), is the implementation supervising body and comprise the Work Packages Leaders;

c)      Contractual and Administrative Team, dedicated to the contractual aspects management;

2) a set of management persons:

d)      Action Coordinator, the person that manages the interactions with EC and chairs the Governing Board;

e)      Technical Coordinator, the person that supervises the coordination activities and chairs the Executive Board;

      f)        Work Package Leaders, the supervisors of the Work Packages.



In the frame of the project management, a set of European liaisons will be established to reinforce the action at European level; for instance the largest community on Antennas&Propagation will be involved, together with other major FP7 projects and COST actions.  These liaisons are expected to give life to joint events, widen meeting participation, enhance cross fertilisation.


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