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2 Antenna Best Practices Guy Vandenbosch ( Katholieke Universiteit Leuven


Workpackage 2 - Antenna Best Practices Groups


In this WP, the Best Practices Groups contribute as follows:

1.      the ABPG1 provides the best practices to easily assemble complex antenna simulation, by offering the Electromagnetic Data Interface (EDI), a software library able to simplify the integration process. The EDI actually downloadable for the EurAAP Members on the ACE Virtual Centre of Excellence at, will be improved to include further functionalities. During the planned CARE workshops, the antenna software integration and EDI will be presented to the antenna scientific community and application examples will be provided for the simulation of complex antennas and radio links, as expected in future wireless networks;

2.      the ABPG2 is linked with the existing ACE Antenna Measurement Facilities Database (AMFD) and aims at understanding the sources of potential mismatching of measures in order identify the how to reduce them. Along this process, a set of well established procedures were fixed to guarantee the level of quality of the measurements data in indoor and outdoor Test Field. During the planned CARE workshops, the antenna measurement best practices will be presented and applied to the test ranges, developed for wireless communication applications.

      The AMFD is available, for CARE and EurAAP Members, at .

In the frame of the abovementioned best practices, CARE will offer secondments to facilitate the application of the antenna best practises among European research teams, according to the scheme reported in the attached document "CARE Secondments".

Researchers or Hosting Institutions interested in being involved in the abovementioned secondments are respectively invited to follow the Candidate or the Hosting application procedure, as detailed here.

Antenna Researchers and Hosting Institutions can contact the WP2 Leader Guy Vandenbosch (  to get further information about the status of the secondments in ABPGs.


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CARE Secondments-v2.pdf 19 kB 21/12/2010
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