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1 Antenna Experts Groups Per Ingvarson ( RUAG Space AB


Workpackage 1 - Antenna Expert Groups


This WP is focused on the transfer of knowledge and the sharing of the state-of-the-art emerged from the Antenna Expert Groups (AEG):

AEG 1:  Millimetre & Submillimetre Wave / Integrated Antenna Expert Group

AEG 2:  Small Antenna & Sensors Expert Group

AEG 3:  Wideband Antenna Expert Group

AEG 4:  Array Antenna Expert Group

AEG 5:  Smart Antenna Expert Group

towards the students and researchers from Academia and Industry.

In particular, these Antenna Expert Groups offers secondments to facilitate the knowledge flow, according to the scheme reported in the attached document "CARE Secondments", in the following antenna research topics:

·         Active and integrated antennas

·         Antenna interactions and coupling

·         Antennas for remote sensing and radio astronomy

·         Array antennas incl. reflect arrays

·         Automotive antennas

·         Beamforming, data processing and multiple beam antennas

·         Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques

·         Electromagnetic exposure and interactions

·         Medical applications

·         Millimeter / Sub‐millimeter wave and THz technologies

·         MIMO, smart and signal processing antennas

·         Mobile communication

·         Multiband, wideband, UWB antennas

·         New materials, metamaterials, EBG structures

·         Planar and conformal antennas

·         Printed elements, baluns and associated circuits

·         RCS Reduction, Prediction, Imaging and related theory

·         Reconfigurable antennas

·         Reflector and lens antennas

·         Small antennas, RFID tags and sensors

·         Space application antennas (communication & navigation)

·         Wearable antennas

·         Terahertz Antennas

·         Other antenna topics


Antenna Researchers or Hosting Institutions interested in being involved in the abovementioned secondments are respectively invited to follow the Candidate or the Hosting application procedure, as detailed here.


Researchers and Hosting Institutions can contact the WP1 Leader Per Ingvarson (  to get further information about the status of the secondments in AEGs.



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