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5 Antenna Training Program Stefano Maci ( Università di Siena


Workpackage 5 - Antenna Training Programme



The European School of Antennas (ESoA), created in the frame of the ACE NoE, is a post graduate school based on a new geographically distributed model (see  In ACE, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by 24 institutions from 12 countries, and over 40 courses were delivered, involving about 150 teachers. The general objectives of the School are: 1. reinforcing the European excellence in antennas and relevant applications; 2. creating an effective advanced formative offer at international level to complete individual PhD curricula; 3. increasing the ties in wireless research and development between Universities and Industries on a European scale; 4. facilitating the interchange of ideas among early stage researchers and trainers as well as among young researchers, thus increasing the future mobility and synergy.

Institution involved in ESoA and geographical distribution of the ESoA courses


At the end of ACE, the EC judged ESoA an outstanding result in the European education scenario and continued the support of this initiative till the end of 2009, in the frame of a FP6 Marie Curie Action Project (MCA-SCF 0446042).

In CARE, the ESoA initiative will be prolonged in 2010 and 2011, beyond the end of the Marie Curie Action project. This is a reasonable target, since most of the CARE Participants, as IMST, KIT, IDS, CTU, TNO, UNISI, UPM and EPFL are part of the ESoA.


In the WP5, CARE supports the mobility of the early stage researchers for each of 8 of the strategic courses of ESoA .  

  1. Analysis of Planar and Conformal Antennas  - Course Coordinators: J. Mosig (EPFL), Z. Sipus (UNIZAG)
  2. Ultrawideband Antennas - Course Coordinator: W. Wiesbeck (KIT)
  3. Advanced Mathematics for Antenna Analysis - Course Coordinator: Z. Sipus (UNIZAG), S. Maci (UNISI)
  4. Wave Propagation in Mobile Communications - Course Coordinator: S. Maci (UNISI), W. Wiesbeck (KIT)
  5. Antennas for Mobile Communication - Course Coordinator: M. Mazanek (CTU), M. Ferrando (UPV)
  6. Industrial Antenna Design Course -  Coordinators: D. Manteuffel (IMST), M. Martinez (IMST)
  7. Phased Arrays and Reflectarrays  - Course Coordinator: G. Gerini (TNO)
  8. Antenna Measurements - Course Coordinator: M. Sierra Castaner (UPM).

In particular, these Antenna Training Program offers secondments to facilitate the courses participation, according to the scheme reported in the attached document "CARE Secondments".


Researchers interested in being involved in the abovementioned secondments are invited to follow the Candidate application procedure, as detailed here. 

Antenna researchers can contact the WP5 Leader Stefano Maci (  to get further information about the status of the secondments in the Antenna Training Program.


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