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  Mobility Actions Mazánek Milos ( Czech Technical University in Prague



Mobilities of the CARE Project




Athanasios Polimeridis (EPFL), hosted at AALTO University in Apr. 2012

Computational electromagnetics: Hyper singular integrals and Surface integral equations


Mariusz Hofman (WUT), hosted at CNES in Mar. 2012

Design, simulate and manufacture X-band antennas


Michal Preisner (WUT), hosted at CNES in Mar. 2012

Design, simulate and manufacture X-band antennas


Tomislav Debogovic (UNIZAG), hosted at CTTC in Feb. 2011

Antennas for remote sensing and radio astronomy, array antennas including reflectarrays, reconfigurable antennas, space application antennas (communication & navigation)


Moniole Pluta (WUT), hosted at CTU in Jul.-Aug. 2011

Investigations into antenna noise temperature


Gabriel Glowicki (WUT), hosted at CTU in Jul.-Aug. 2011

Computing Antenna Noise Temperature for large Reflector Antennas


Marc Esquius Morote  (UPC), hosted at EPFL in May-Jul. 2011

Space application antennas (communication & navigation),  Reconfigurable antennas


Marcin Wielichowski (WUT), hosted at EPFL in Jul.-Dec. 2011

Electromagnetic wave transmission through general stratified media including plasmas and metamaterials


Branimir Ivšić (UNIZAG Se), hosted at EPFL in Sep.-Oct. 2011

Design of planar wearable antenna for UHF band


Pasi Ylä-Oijala (AALTO), hosted at EPFL in Sep. 2011

Seminar at EPFL/LEMA and participation to the INTELECT workshop in Florence Italy


Ismael Nistal González (UC3), hosted at IMST in Feb. 2011-Jan. 2012.

Thermal simulation of RF circuits for antenna front-ends


Przemyslaw Radzik (WUT), hosted at RUAG in Sep. 2011

Space application antennas, band widening


Bartlomiej Mizak (WUT), hosted at RUAG in Sep. 2011

Space application antennas (communication & navigation)


Grzegorz Jaworski (WUT), hosted at RUAG in May 2011

Evaluation of anechoic chamber suitability on working frequencies below 800 MHz, Absorbing materials modeling


Claudia Casali (IDS), hosted at TNO in Mar.-Jun. 2010

Cross-polarization reduction techniques in phased arrays, Antenna CAD tools evaluation


Lorenzo Cifola (Università Politecnica delle Marche), hosted at TNO in Sep.-Dec. 2011

Design of a Compact Planar Filtering Antenna including a Frequency Selective Common Mode Rejection Module


Silvio Savoia (TNO), hosted at Università Politecnica delle Marche in Apr.-Aug. 2011

Connected Arrays of dipoles with inherent frequency selectivity properties: common mode suppression.


Jan Kraček (CTU), hosted at UNISI in Feb. 2011 and Oct. 2011

Electromagnetic Theory and Numerical Techniques


Arnab Bhattacharya (UCL), hosted at UNISI in Jan.-Apr.2011

New Materials, Metamaterials, EBG structures


Darwin Blanco (UCM), hosted at UNISI in Jul. 2011

Electromagnetic Theory and Numerical Techniques


Marko Bosiljevac (UNIZAG), hosted at UNISI in Oct. 2011 – Feb. 2012

New materials, metamaterials, EBG structures for reflector and lens antennas


Sinisa Skokic (UNIZAG), hosted at UNISI in Feb.-Mar.2011

Electromagnetic Theory and Numerical Techniques


Markus Krengel (IMST), hosted at UNIZAG in Sep. 2010

Design of planar arrays


Andrés García Aguilar (UPM), hosted at UNIZAG in Feb.-Apr. 2011

Conformal antennas, Coupling between printed elements, UTD with Impedance Boundary Conditions


Lukas Jelinek (IMST), hosted at University of Siviglia in Nov. 2011

Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques, New materials, metamaterials, EBG structures


Vladimir Volski (KUL), hosted at EPFL in Jun. 2011

Numerical integration of Sommerfeld integrals


Zvonimir Sipus (UNIZAG) hosted at EPFL in Feb. 2011

Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques, Acceleration of slowly converging series, Antenna analysis


Gonzalo Expósito Domínguez (UPM), hosted at IMST in Jan.-Mar. 2012

EBG metamaterials and active antennas


Ruzica Golubovic (EPFL), hosted at KUL in Nov. 2011

Numerical integration of Sommerfeld integrals


Martin Stumpf (Brno University of Technology), hosted at KUL in Aug. 2011 –Feb. 2012

TD Green’s functions for layered media, TD Contour Integral Method, TD Surface impedance of a plasmonic half-space


Przemyslaw Gorski (WUT), hosted at KUL in Mar.-Apr. 2011

Antenna interactions and coupling, new materials, metamaterials, EBG structures, Electromagnetic simulation


Guido Valerio (University of Roma), hosted at TNO in Jan.-Mar. 2012

Green’s function expansions in cylindrical waves


Massimiliano Casaletti  (UNISI), hosted at TNO in May-Sep. 2011

Electromagnetic theory and numerical techniques


Francisco Facila (UMP), hosted at Technical University of Denmark in Sep.-Oct. 2010

A new method to reduce truncation errors in partial spherical near-field antenna measurements


Alonso Munoz (UPM), hosted at the European Space Tecnology Centre in Jan.-Jun. 2011

Compact antenna test ranges: Quiet zone assessment at Millimetre wavelengths


Witold Kurp (WUT), hosted at IMST in Mar. 2011

Textile antennas radiation pattern measurements


Tomasz Maleszka (WUT), hosted at IMST in Mar. 2011

Textile antennas measurements


Milan Polivka (CTU), hosted at Ilmenau University of Technology in Nov. 2011

Measurements in Multiband, wideband, UWB antennas


Marija Agatonivic, hosted at KUL in May 2011-Apr. 2012

2D DOA estimation using artificial neural networks


Ping Jack Soh (KUL), hosted at University of Liverpool in Feb. 2012

Wearable antennas, antennas interactions and coupling



File Size Date
CARE_Secondment-Report Kurp.pdf 989 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Alfonso Munoz Acevedo.pdf 251 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Andres Garcia.pdf 37 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Bhattacharya.pdf 176 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Claudia Casali.pdf 154 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Francisco Facila.pdf 585 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Maleszka.pdf 1.1 MB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Marko Bosiljevac.pdf 1.2 MB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Markus Krengel.pdf 32 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Przemyslaw Gorski.pdf 251 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Ruzica Golubovic.pdf 96 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Tomislav Debogovic.pdf 352 kB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report Volski.pdf 1.2 MB 10/10/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report-Mizak.pdf 1.0 MB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Radzik.pdf 1.0 MB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Savoia.pdf 1.5 MB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Glowicki.pdf 34 kB 11/05/2012
CARE Secondment-Report-Pluta.pdf 1.4 MB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Casaletti.pdf 1.9 MB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Polivka.pdf 138 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Marc-Esquius.pdf 58 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Ivsic.pdf 353 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Pasi-Yla-Oijala.pdf 33 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Lorenzo-Cifola.pdf 415 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Jaworski.pdf 360 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Wielichowski.pdf 446 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Ismael Nistal.pdf 155 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Zvonimir-Sipus.pdf 140 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Gonzalo-Exposito.pdf 55 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Hofman.pdf 557 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Preinser.pdf 216 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Guido-Valerio.pdf 253 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Agatonovic.pdf 64 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Stumpf.pdf 154 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Kracek.pdf 514 kB 13/06/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Skokic.pdf 155 kB 13/06/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Jack-Soh.pdf 348 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Polimeridis.pdf 69 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Jelinek.pdf 168 kB 11/05/2012
CARE-Secondment-Report-Blanco.PDF 1.2 MB 13/06/2012
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