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The Structure of the CARE Antenna Virtual Centre


From the user point of view, the CARE Antenna Virtual Centre can be accessed at different levels:

1) as Citizen, in order to achieve an higher awareness of the impact of the antenna research, by entering  a set of public web pages without password (Public Section)

2) as a Member of the antenna scientific community, in order to share the state-of-the-art knowledge on antenna research, by entering a dedicated set of technical pages accessible to the EurAAP members by Username/Password (Members Section)

3) as a Partners of the CARE project (and EurAAP Member), in order to improve the teams synergy, by providing a data exchange infrastructure, a meeting management service, a team communication layer, etc. (Project Section)


Public Section

The Public Section of the CARE Antenna Virtual Centre at  can be easily entered by clicking the CARE icon on the Antenna VCE portal at, (see annex 1).

All the public information about the project objectives and expected results can be accessed, together with the possibility to download the CARE documents.

In particular, the CARE secondments activity is clearly presented in the AVC homepage with the direct link to the Policy and Rules of the CARE secondments. The Secondments Forms are available for the Candidate Researchers and Hosting Institutions and can be downloaded to apply for the CARE Secondments.

The topics of the secondments research are detailed in the CARE WP pages and the CARE events are presented in the Workshops page.


Member Section

The Member Section of the CARE Antenna Virtual Centre is easily accessible for EurAAP Members (over 1800 antenna researchers from 220 Institutions), entering by Username/Password in the Antenna Virtual Centre of Excellence portal at,.

It is important to notice that all the Partners of CARE are EurAAP members and all the secondees involved in CARE will be EurAAP members.

The Members can then access to the  CARE AVC, both to the Public and Member Sections:

1)      the Public Section of CARE is reachable in the “Dissemination”, see the left side menu, by selecting the “CARE Project”; this section contains:

- the advertisement of the available CARE secondments for researchers;

- the information for applicants, both hosts and secondees, on CARE secondments;

- the topics of the secondment research on Antenna Expert Groups and the Antenna Best Practice, with reports posted;

- the list of the ESoA Courses contributing to the CARE Antenna Training Program;

- the advertisement about the CARE workshops and other events;


2)      the Member Section of CARE offers a set of integrated services (see the menù on the left):

- User Management: to enter in contact with the other EurAAP members in few clicks;

- Software Survey services, to upload/download the existing software on antenna design

- Antenna Measurement Facilities Database, linked with the ACE outcome of Activity 1.2

- European School of Antennas: courses information with the student registration support;


3)      the Project Section of CARE offers a set of services tailored to the CARE project (Member services accessible only to CARE users):

- File Sharing: offering a common point of documents and knowledge exchange for the CARE hired researchers;

- Meeting Management: with the possibility to schedule and organize the meeting taking trace of the pre/post documentation, including minutes.


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