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CARE Policy and Regulations



Eligibility Criteria for Secondment

The eligibility criteria for the secondment is divided in criteria for the Hosting Institution and for the Candidate:

Hosting Institution:

-         work and have knowledge in the Antenna research domain

-         operate in one of the 27 European member states

-         conditions to host candidates from 1 week (ESoA) until 1 year


-         to have a high education scientific degree

-         needs to have filled in a valid application form

-         not getting financing from other programme at the application moment

-         requested eligible duration of the stays

-         to be a citizen of one of the 27 European member states


Duration of the stays

CARE proposes the following durations for the detachment of students and researchers:

- 1 week, for the ESoA Courses

- 1 month for short stays in AEG and ABPGs

- 3 month for short-medium term stays in AEG and ABPGs

- 6 month for medium term stays in AEG and ABPGs

- 12 month for long stays in AEG and ABPGs

It is possible for a single person to apply several times for different stays but the second and further applications will have a lower priority.


Mobility and Grants

CARE expects three classes of mobility

a)      CARE Partner exchanges researchers with another CARE Partner

b)      CARE Partner hosts researchers from an Institution outside CARE

c)      CARE Partner sends researchers to an Institution outside CARE

In case a) the grant will be given by one of the two CARE Partners or will be shared between them

In case b) and c) the grant will be given by the CARE Partner.

The amount of the grants will be determined by the rules commonly adopted in the Institution that provide the grant, when the personnel stay abroad.



CARE covers return travel expenses. The travelling made during the secondment stay is not covered.

It is expected a maximum of 300€ per trip between countries and 200€ per trip inside the same country or when travelling by car. Only the actual cost of the travel will be reimbursed.

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