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  Secondments Maz√°nek Milos ( Czech Technical University in Prague



CARE Secondments



The secondment or mobility of antennas researchers within the enlarged Europe is seen as a major action to achieve sustainable knowledge sharing.  CARE aims to support the flow of skilled people among universities, research institutions, and business-related companies of the enlarged Europe.


This means that people can work on a project in an host organization, and actively exchange experiences and complement their areas of expertise. This integrating activity allows cross-fertilisation of an organization to another, thus ensuring common understanding of concepts and enabling new research developments.


Each CARE Partner will appoint researchers according to the its antenna research topics and the tutorial capacity of its laboratories, supervised by the CARE Secondments Responsible (Prof. Milos Mazanek, email  and controlled by the CARE Coordinator (Dr. Bruno Casali, email

How to apply?

Candidates application procedure

Researchers that would like to apply for a CARE secondment must fill the CARE Secondment Application Form and to send it by email to the CARE Secondment Responsible, with copy to the Coordinator.

Hosting application procedure

Institutions that are interested in hosting the CARE secondees must fill the  CARE Host Application Form and send it by email to the CARE Secondment Responsible, with copy to the Coordinator.


What happens after the application?

Under the supervision of the CARE Secondment Responsible, all applications will be triaged against pre-defined eligibility criteria and the final decisions for funding will be made based on the evaluation of CARE and the hosting Institution.

Take into account that the selection procedure has to obey some criteria which will bias a candidate’s application, for example:

- Gender issues

- Regional issues

- Geographic Coverage.

Once the secondment is accepted, the CARE Grant Officialisation Form will be sent to the selected applicant in order to inform him/her about the successful result of his/her application.

Then details about logistic aspects will then be fixed between the Secondee and the Tutor, appointed by the Hosting Institution.

What happens at the end of the secondment period?

At the end of the secondment period the secondee has to fill  the CARE Secondment Report Form, in order to present the results of the hosted activity.


All the abovementioned Forms are available below for downloading.

File Size Date
CARE-Grant-Officialisation-Form-v10.pdf 18 kB 30/03/2011
CARE-Host-Application-Form-v11.pdf 32 kB 28/02/2011
CARE-Candidate-Application-Form-v10.pdf 38 kB 30/03/2011
CARE-Secondment-Report-Form-v10.pdf 31 kB 30/03/2011
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