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The Mobile Radio Propagation Channel, 2nd Edition J. D. Parsons John Wiley & Sons 2000


The Mobile Radio Propagation Channel, 2nd Edition

J. D. Parsons

John Wiley & Sons


436 pages





Thoroughly revised and updated, this second edition offers a fundamental and comprehensive treatment of how mobile systems operate in a variety of scenarios. This unrivalled approach concentrates on the properties of the radio channel, a vital and central feature that places fundamental limitations on the performance of radio systems.
Bringing the reader completely up-to-date, this book:

*  Features two new chapters: 'Multipath Mitigation Techniques' and 'Radio System Planning'

*  Surveys various alternative methods of predicting the mean signal strength and its variability, and discusses their    applications
* Introduces ray-tracing methods in connection with indoor propagation

* Discusses multipath and its effects on narrowband and wideband systems

* Describes channel sounders and reviews methods of hardware and software simulation

* Examines man-made noise and interference and discusses the resulting performance degradation


By equipping the reader with a thorough understanding of the physical processes that underlie the propagation of radio waves, this systematic approach will prove to be an authoritative and attractive text for researchers, systems designers, university academics and postgraduate students.




Table of Contents




Preface to the First Edition.




Fundamentals of VHF and UHF Propagation.


Propagation over Irregular Terrain.


Propagation in Built-up Areas.


Characterisation of Multipath Phenomena.


Wideband Channel Characterisation.


Other Mobile Radio Channels.


Sounding, Sampling anf Simulation.


Man-made Noise and Interference.


Mitigation of Multipath Effects.


Planning Radio Networks.


Appendix A: Rayleigh Graph Paper and Receiver Noise Figure.


Appendix B: Rayleigh Distribution (dB) and CNR in a Rayleigh Fading Environment.


Appendix C: Deriving PDFs for Variables in Logarithmic Units.


Appendix D: Effective Signal Envelope.




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