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Broadband Microstrip Antennas Girish Kumar and K.P. Ray Artech House 2003


Broadband Microstrip Antennas


Girish Kumar and K.P. Ray

Artech House

451 pages.




Look to this new, cutting-edge microstrip antenna book for the first exhaustive coverage of broadband techniques, including the most up-to-date information to help you choose and design the optimum broadband microstrip antenna configurations for your applications, without sacrificing other antenna parameters. The book shows you how to take advantage of the lightweight, low volume benefits of these antennas, by providing clear explanations of the various configurations and simple design equations that help you analyze and design microstrip antennas with speed and confidence. This practical resource offers you a comprehensive understanding of the radiation mechanism and characteristic of microstrip antennas, and provides guidance in designing new types of planar monopole antennas with multi-octave bandwidth. You learn how to select and design proper broadband microstrip antenna configurations for compact, tunable, dual-band and circular polarization applications. Moreover, the book compares all the broadband techniques and suggests the most attractive configuration. Extensively referenced with over 300 illustrations and 140 equations.



Table of Contents

Introduction of Microstrip Antennas (MSA)

Introduction. Advantages, Disadvantages.

Feeding Techniques.

Overview of Various Analysis Methods.

Review of Various Broadband, Tunable and Dual-band Techniques.

Regular Shaped Broadband Microstrip Antennas - Rectangular MSA.

Circular MSA, Semi-Circular MSA.

Triangular MSA. Annular-Ring MSA.

Suspended MSA.




Planar Broadband MSA


Mechanism of Gap coupling.

Gap-Coupled, and Directly-Coupled Rectangular MSA.

Directly Coupled and Hybrid-Coupled Circular and Semi-Circular MSA.

Hybrid-Coupled Triangular MSA. Summary.

Multi-Layer MSA - Introduction.

Electromagnetically Coupled MSA. Aperture-Coupled Stacked MSA.



Stacked Multi-Resonator MSA  


Multi-Resonator Stacked Rectangular MSA.

Multi-Resonator Stacked Circular.

 Log-periodic MSA Array.



Compact Broadband MSA  


Compact Shortened Rectangular MSA.

Compact Shortened Circular MSA.

Compact Shortened Triangular and Sectoral MSA.

Resistive Loaded MSA.

Slot Loaded MSA.

Planar Broadband Compact MSA.

 Broadband Stacked Compact MSA.

Broadband MSA with U Slot.



Tunable and Dual Frequency MSA  


Tunable MSA with Stub Loading, Shorting Posts, Varactor Diodes, Air Gap and Ferrite Substrate.

Dual frequency MSA using Higher order Modes, Stub Loading, Notch Loading, Shorting Post, Lumped Elements, Slots, Multi-resonator in Planar and Stacked Configurations.



Broadband Circularly Polarized MSA 


Dual Feed Circularly Polarized MSA.

Single Feed Circularly Polarized MSA.

Compact Circularly Polarized MSA.

Broadband Circularly Polarized MSA Arrays.



Broadband Planar Monopole Antennas  


Planar Rectangular, Square, Triangular, Hexagonal, Circular and Elliptical Monopole Antennas.

Design Example.



Appendix A - Substrate Characteristics.


Appendix B - Design Equations for Microstrip Lines.


Appendix C -  Multiport Network Model


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