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Practical Electromagnetics Devendra K. Misra John Wiley & Sons 2007

Practical Electromagnetics


Devendra K. Misra

John Wiley & Sons


507 pages



Learn to solve both simple and complex electromagnetic problems with this text’s unique integration of theoretical and mathematical concepts. With the author’s guidance, you’ll discover a broad range of classic and cutting-edge applications across a wide array of fields, including biomedicine, wireless communication, process control, and instrumentation. Case studies, detailed derivations, and 170 fully solved examples deepen your understanding of theory, and help you apply numerical methods to real-world problems.


Table of Contents


Front Matter


Vectors and Fields

Basic Laws of Electromagnetics

Uniform Plane Waves

Transmission Lines

Modified Maxwell's Equations and Potential Functions

Source in Infinite Space

Electrostatic Fields

Magnetostatic Fields

Waveguides and Cavity Resonators

Numerical Techniques

Appendix A: Mathematical Formulas

Appendix B: Delta Function and Evaluation of Fields in Unbounded Media

Appendix C: Bessel Functions

Appendix D: Legendre Functions

Appendix E: Characteristics of Selected Materials

Appendix F: Physical Constants

Appendix G: Decibels and Neper

Appendix H: Nomenclature and Characteristics of Standard Rectangular Waveguides

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