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Measurement of Mobile Antenna Systems Hiroyuki Arai Artech House 2001


Measurement of Mobile Antenna Systems


Hiroyuki Arai

Artech House

232 pages



If you’re involved with the design, installation or maintenance of mobile antenna systems, this book gives you the most-comprehensive understanding of all the mandatory measurement techniques you need for your projects. You get practical guidance on the selection of measurement sites, the measurement of system building and setup, and the analysis of measured data.


It presents in-depth examinations of all relevant mobile antenna measurement theories, along with practical measurement procedures and examples to show you how it’s done. Topics include propagation measurement, antenna characteristics measurement, radiation power measurement, human interaction measurement, base station siting and maintenance, and fading and field simulator systems. Referenced with 172 illustrations and 161 equations.


Table of Contents




Propagation Measurements


Overview of Propagation Measurements

Field Profile Measurements

Diversity Measurements

Delay Profile Measurements

Propagation Measurement System

Delay Profile Measurement System


Antenna Measurements for Radio Handsets and Mobile Terminals


Antenna Input Port Impedance Measurements

Radiation Pattern Measurement

Radiation Efficiency Measurements

Diversity Characteristics Measurement Using Radiation Patterns

EMC Measurements

Product Testing


Handset Antennas and Influences Due to the Human Body


Human Body Influences on the Handset Antenna

The Phantom: An Electrical Equivalent Model of the Human Body

Antenna Measurements Using a Phantom

SAR Measurement Using a Phantom

Measurements Using a Human Body


Base Station Antenna Siting, Measurement and Maintenance


Base Station Antenna Siting

Design of Cellular Base Station Antennas

Base Station Antenna Measurements

Product Inspection


Fading and Field Simulators


Fading Simulators

Field Simulators

Sensitivity Measurements Using a Field Simulator

Delay Spread Measurement Using a Field Simulator




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