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Fresnel Zones in Wireless Links, Zone Plate Lenses and Antennas Hristo D. Hristov Artech House 2000


Fresnel Zones in Wireless Links, Zone Plate Lenses and Antennas


Hristo D. Hristov

Artech House

345 pages




The first book devoted solely to Fresnel zones in microwave/mm-wave electromagnetics, this comprehensive survey covers theory, design and practical applications.

Whether you are an experienced electromagnetics specialist or a newcomer to the field, whether you need practical design guidelines or a clear and concise exposition of the fundamentals, you'll find this book invaluable. Written by an acknowledged expert, the volume includes a detailed description of the application of Fresnel zones to microwave wireless communication links as well as a comprehensive description of the state-of-the-art in newly created zone plate lens and antenna technologies. It also contains an overview of the basic electromagnetic equations for time harmonic fields, and a thorough treatment of the Fresnel-Kirchoff diffraction theory.

If you are a researcher, practising engineer or student in wireless/electromagnetics, this authoritative resource will help you to understand Fresnel zones, zone plate devices and their practical uses, in particular the analysis and design of microwave communication links, Fresnel zone antennas for DBS, Fresnel zone plate lenses for radio telescopes, and conformal curvilinear zone plate antennas. The work is generously illustrated.


Table of Contents


Basic Electromagnetic Wave Equations


Fresnel-Kirchhoff Diffraction Theory


Fresnel Zones Applied to Radio Communication Links


Fresnel Zone Plates


Fresnel Zone Plate Antennas

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