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Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook, Second Edition Kyohei Fujimoto, J.R. James Artech House 2001


Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook, Second Edition


Kyohei Fujimoto, J.R. James

Artech House

680 pages




This is an extensively revised and updated new edition of the best-selling Mobile Antenna Systems Handbook . Comprehensive, authoritative and practical, it provides the information you need to understand the relationship between the elements involved in antenna systems design for mobile communications. You get sound advice in choosing the appropriate antenna for any given requirement - including antennas for ITS, access to the latest modeling formulas for macro, micro and pico cell propagation, and guidance on the latest RF safety standards and measurement techniques.


Up-to-date information on adaptive base station and handset antenna design enables you to quickly achieve your design targets. From improved signal processing to more precise propagation methods, new sections provide you with cutting-edge design techniques that greatly increase system capacity and flexibility to deliver today’s most sought-after mobile communication services. This detailed handbook contains over 470 illustrations and 190 equations.


Table of Contents


Importance of Antennas in Mobile Communication Systems and Recent Trends




Modern Mobile Antenna Design

Objectives of this Book


Essential Techniques in Mobile Antenna Systems Design


Mobile Communication Systems

Fundamentals and Predictive Models in Land Mobile Propagation

Antenna Design

Antenna Performance Evaluations in Mobile Environments


Advances in Mobile Propagation Methods







The Future


Land Mobile Antenna Systems 1: Basic Techniques and Applications



Propagation Problems

Base Station Antenna Techniques

Mobile Station Antenna Techniques


Advances in Base Station Antenna


Recent Base Station Antennas

Digital Beamforming Antennas in Mobile Communications


Land Mobile Antenna Systems II: Pagers, Portable Phones, and Safety


Practical Requirements of and Constraints on Pager Antenna Design

Pager Types and Performance

Design Techniques for Portable Phone Antennas

Portable Phone Antenna Systems

Safety Aspects of Portable and Mobile Communication Devices


Antennas and Humans in Personal Communications


Applications of Modern EM Computational Techniques

Design and Practice of Antennas for Handsets


Land Mobile Systems III: Cars, Trains, ITS


Antenna Systems for Broadcast Reception in Cars

Antenna Systems for TV Reception in Cars

Antenna System for Shinkansen, ITS


Antennas for Mobile Satellite Systems


Introduction, System Requirements for Vehicle Antennas

Omnidirectional Antennas for Mobile Satellite Communications

Directional Antennas for Mobile Satellite Communications

Antenna Systems for GPS

Satellite Constellation Systems and Antenna Requirements


Antenna Systems for Aeronautical Mobile Communications


Propagation Problems

General Requirements and Remarks

Advanced Circularly Polarized Antennas


Appendix Glossary


Catalog of Antenna Types

Land Mobile Systems

Maritime Systems

Aeronautical Systems

Satellite Systems

Typical Antenna Types and Their Application



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