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EurAAP Registration
EurAAP Registration is available in one of the following ways:

1. as Guests,
by providing your personal information.
The registration as Guest is free, with limited services and has no expiration date.

Register as Guest

2. as Members,
by providing your personal information and your organization details. If your organization is already registered you need simply to select it from the organizations list, otherwise you need to click on the button "New Organization" and insert the necessary information. Members have a full access to the web portal benefits and services.
The registration as Member requires the payment, by credit card, of a fee equal to 25,00 EUR.
Members registration will expire at the date of the beginning of the next EuCAP conference.

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3. as Associated Institutions,
by providing the information of the Associated Institution and your personal details. Please, check if your organization is already registered before to insert again its data.
The registration as Associated Institution requires the payment by credit card or bank transfer of an annual fee for the GOLD (3.000 EUR), SILVER (1.000 EUR) or BRONZE (500 EUR) sponsorship.
The user that register an Associated Institutions become automatically also EurAAP Member. This Member registration is included in the sponsorship amount.

Register as Associated Institution

Focus On

Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe

Antenna research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

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