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VCE: Virtual Centre of Excellence

The Antennas Virtual Centre of Excellence (VCE), started by the Network of Excellence ACE is a thematic Internet Portal able to offer interactive services to remote antenna researchers.

After the end of ACE, EurAAP supported the VCE in order to act as the backbone for the antenna research activities, by driving the exchange of the information within the scientific community and towards the citizens.

The EurAAP VCE is structured into three sections:

  1. VCE Public Section: a set of static pages where unrestricted information is published; this is mainly for citizen awareness.
  2. VCE Guest Section: accessible by username/password for users registered as “Guests” in the VCE. It contains a read-only access to a sub-set of services, with no interaction capability.
  3. VCE Members Section: accessible by username/password for users registered as “Members” or Associated Institutions. It gives access to all the VCE information and services, including the EuCAP papers database.
A special care has been devoted to the management of the intellectual property rights during dissemination, when the information from the Members Section is opened to the Public Section. Moreover, the VCE adopt the latest technologies (such as Encryption, SSL, etc.) to protect the restricted information.

Focus On

Coordinating the Antenna Research in Europe

Antenna research and Technology for the Intelligent Car

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