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Course Motivation
Clinical and diagnostics applications of electromagnetic (EM) fields are rapidly increasing; research and technology development in this multi-cultural field extends beyond the well-known (and very important) issue of health protection. EM fields are already part of present-day clinical applications, although this is not widely know in the EM community. RF minimally-invasive surgery has drastically changed surgery rooms; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) stands as the most successful exploitation of EM interaction with biological systems, but a wide range of new applications are emerging in health care fields. They are as different as Microwave Imaging, EM Hyperthermia, monitoring of vital functions, remote localization and/or control of miniature implants or surgery equipment. Moreover, the advent of nanotechnologies, with the possibility to produce nanometer-size components able to efficiently interact with EM fields, while being biocompatible and linkable to a large number of macromolecular systems, can open completely new scenarios, including remote control of nanomachines and biological processes. This evolution can disclose a wide range of new opportunities to Antenna and Electromagnetic engineers and researchers. Research and professional work in this field requires meeting the challenges posed by well defined technical problems, as well as the ability of appreciating clinical needs and translating them into technical problems.

Course Aim
The Course aims at introducing this new and interdisciplinary area into the Antenna (and Electromagnetic) Community, giving the ability to understand the issues and challenges of medical applications of EM fields. It is primarily conceived for Doctoral students and researchers with an engineering or physics background. After an introduction to Bioelectromagnetism, with particular attention to the safety aspects, the main current diagnostic and therapeutic applications of EM fields will be presented. The challenges posed by these applications to the electromagnetic engineer will be presented and discussed, emphasizing their multi-physics nature and the constraints that must be faced when dealing with medical applications. Selected emerging applications will be considered in more detail, and some foreseen developments will be presented. An experimental demonstration of an exposure system as well as a visit at clinical MRI facilities are planned as part of the course. In this cross-disciplinary course, instructors from EM engineering, physics, biology and clinical communities will be involved. A special focus will be on EM fields for cancer treatment; clinical and system aspects of EM-based hyperthermia will be discussed by Prof. Gerard C. van Rhoon, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Dept. Radiation Oncology, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, President of the European Society for Hyperthermic Oncology.

The course is co-organized with COST Action EMF-MED BM1309.

Course Topics
Review of relevant electromagnetics and multi-physics topics
Applicable low-frequency and wave-electromagnetics
Electromagnetic characterization of biological tissues
Bio-heat equation and Thermal effects
Basics of EM exposure and imaging systems design
Introduction to Bioelectromagnetism
Interactions between EM fields and biological systems: methods and apparatuses
Cell response to direct stimulation
Review of known effects of EM fields (thermal, non-thermal, cooperative)
Safety and open issues Regulatory aspects
Radio-protection legislation (exposure and SAR)
MRI: general working principles; EM challenges and issues
Magneto- and Electro-magneto therapy
Hyperthermia (in Radiation Oncology)
EM tomography/diagnostics
Short-pulse therapy
Nano-inspired applications

Course lecturers
Prof. O.M. Bucci, Federico II University of Naples (Italy)
Prof. G. Vecchi, Turin Polytechnic (Italy)
Prof. F.P. Andriulli, Institute Mines Telecom (France)
Dr. L. Crocco, IREA-CNR (Italy)
Dr. S. Romeo, IREA-CNR (Italy)
Dr. M. Aiello, SDN (Italy)
Prof. G. van Rhoon, Erasmus MC Cancer Institute (The Nederlands)

Credits: PhD students 3 ECTS

Student Grants
There are several grants available for selected students.In particular:
- Cost Action EMF-MED BM1309 is offering a number (up to six) of grants covering part of the expenses. For details on the application please go here.
- European Microwave Association and CST are offering three (3) registration-waiver grants. To apply to these waivers, candidates must provide, at the registration stage, a CV and at least one recommendation letter. These documents have to be sent to .

All applications must be submitted by June 25, 2017. Grants will be appointed by July 15 at latest.

School of Polytechnic and Basic Sciences - College of Engineering, Federico II University, Napoli, Italy
Piazzale Vincenzo Tecchio, 80, 80125 Napoli

To register to the course and receive updates on it please use the "Registration to this course" button at bottom of page.
As the website does not notify organizers of new registrations, please also fill in and send via email the registration form that can be downloaded below.

The payment form can be found below.
Please note the payment must be completed by August 28, 2017.

The Brochure of the Course can be found below

Facebook page:
A Facebook page dedicated to the course, with news and updates is available here.

Accommodation is not included in the course fee.
There are several hotels and B&B located nearby the venue.
Some options, at walking distance (10-20 min) from the College of Engineering building, are listed below:
Hotel Cristina
Best Western JFK Hotel
Hotel Villa Maria Napoli
Hotel Nuvo
The average price for a standard room (breakfast included) is 55€.

Otherwise, the venue can be reached via public transportation from the city centre, using the Metropolitana Linea 2 and getting down at the Campi Flegrei stop.
Please note tha September is still high-season in Napoli, so that participants are invited to book as soon as possible.

For any information concerning the Course, please contact:
Dr. Lorenzo Crocco, ph: +39 081 7620646, email:

Location: UNINA - Naples
Date: 11/09/2017 - 15/09/2017
Contact Person:    Lorenzo Crocco      E-mail:
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