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Title of the Course: Antenna Synthesis


Course description:

The Course on Antenna Synthesis (with elements of GPU Computing) faces three topics corresponding to the two main aspects of Antenna Synthesis, namely external and internal synthesis, and to numerical and implementation issues on High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms of Synthesis Algorithms. Firstly, key points of the antenna Synthesis problem are given, providing a general, sound and unitary mathematical framework to the Synthesis, discussing the role of field properties, degrees of freedom, the trapping problem and ill-position. Then, having introduced the role of optimization in Antenna Synthesis, the general issues of local and global procedures is discussed as well as the numerical issues related to the need of dealing with complex electromagnetic structures. In the light of the above framework, canonical synthesis approaches are illustrated and specific topics in array Antenna Synthesis connected to the use of evolutionary algorithms and unconventional advanced systems are analyzed. Finally, the problem of internal synthesis is presented with attention to the design of complex beam-forming networks and to realization problems.
The Course hosts also Sessions on the numerical implementation of some Synthesis techniques on standard computing platforms as well as High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms as GPUs, in the CUDA language. The use of HPC, even on desktop computers, releases computing resources enabling to deal with the Synthesis of large and complex antennas. In particular, each student will lay his hands-on the implementations of the Synthesis algorithms, being each attendee provided with a laptop connected to a remote GPU cluster to allow an interactive learning.

The sessions:
- A general framework for the synthesis problem
- The synthesis problem: optimization issues
- The synthesis problem: numerical issues

- Canonical Synthesis Approaches

- Evolutionary and mixed optimization algorithms

- Convex Optimization & Antenna Synthesis

- Array external synthesis and advanced unconventional arrays

- Elements of GPU Computing

- The internal synthesis problem: beam-forming networks

- GPU Computing & Antenna Synthesis

- The internal synthesis problem: realization issues

- Prof. Ovidio M. Bucci, CV

Università di Napoli Federico II

- Prof. Amedeo Capozzoli, CV

Università di Napoli Federico II

- Prof. Tommaso Isernia, CV

- Dr. Claudio Curcio, CV

Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria

Università di Napoli Federico II

- Prof. Andrea Massa, CV

- Prof. Angelo Liseno, CV

ELEDIA Research Center, Università di Trento

Università di Napoli Federico II

ELEDIA Research Center, France

- Dr. Andrea Morabito, CV

- Prof. Yahya Rahmat-Samii, CV

Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria

University of California Los Angeles

- Dr. Elia Attardo, CV

- Prof. Roberto Sorrentino, CVFEKO - Altair

Università di Perugia

- Prof. Giuseppe Vecchi, CV

Politecnico di Torino


The Partenope Conference Centre, Napoli, Italy - Università di Napoli Federico II.
The Partenope Conference Centre, one of the Congress Centres of Università di Napoli Federico II, is located in via Partenope, the wonderful promenade of the city, in the monumental hearth of Naples and close to the best city hotels. The Lectures will be given at the ground floor. The Exercises Sessions will be organized in a computer room equipped with laptops, blackboards and a network printer. In particular, to each student a laptop will be assigned with a dedicated ID and PSWD. The conference center is covered by a wireless LAN to let students and lecturers have a fast, easy and free Internet connection by means of the laptops at disposal or their personal ones.


Google maps view of the Partenope Conference Center

Registration fees:
PhD students: € 440
Industry: € 880

A maximum number of 14 registrations will be accepted.



Under the presentation, at the registration stage, of the CV and recommendation letters, several grants will be available covering:
- the registration fee
- travel expenses (up to € 300)
The Grants are supported by our sponsors - Altair FEKO and CST - and by Dipartimento di Ingegneria Elettrica e delle Tecnologie dell'Informazione in cooperation with Scuola Politecnica e delle Scienze di Base

The Course gives 3 ECTS credits.

Registration form:
The Registration Form is available here.

Payment form:
The Payment Form will be sent upon receipt of the Registration Form.

The Brochure of the Course can be downloaded here.

The Timetable of the Course can be downloaded here.

Facebook page:
A Facebook page dedicated to the Antennas Synthesis Course is available here.

Lunches, coffee break and social dinner:
Lunches, coffee breaks and the social dinner are all included.

Possible accommodations:
Hotel Royal Continental
Bed and Breakfast La Locanda del Mare
Mareluna Suite de Charme
Skyhouse Chiatamone

For any information concerning the Course, please contact:
Prof. Amedeo Capozzoli, ph: +39 081 7683358, email:
Dr. Claudio Curcio, ph: +39 081 768 3103, email:
Prof. Angelo Liseno, ph: +39 081 7683113, email:

Location: UNINA - Naples
Date: 19/06/2017 - 23/06/2017
Contact Person:    Amedeo Capozzoli      E-mail:
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