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While in a classical radar system a parabolic antenna is used to determine targets azimuth and elevation coordinates and antenna rotation is used for area surveillance, majority of modern and future radar systems (active) phased arrays are used for generation of multiple beams, which can be scanned by purely electronic means. Extension of typical application areas of phased arrays radars from military domain to remote sensing, automotive, air-traffic control, and weather surveillance areas drastically increase demand in specialists who understand phased-array radar operation. Understanding of phased array radar operation requires multi-disciplinary approach, which is based on antenna array theory, microwave circuit theory and signal processing. The school addresses this challenge and provides integral approach to the phased array radars.

At the school the phased array radar basics will be considered from antenna, RF technology and signal processing points of view. The main part of the course will be followed by a deepening part with three specializations: antenna systems, T/R modules and signal processing.  Surveillance and tracking applications will be discussed.  The lectures will be complemented with practical exercises and experiments. The course will be finished with a group project, which will be evaluated by a committee of radar professionals.


  •  Foundations of radar and antenna arrays
Radar transmitters and receivers
Transmit-receive modules in phased arrays
Analog and digital beam forming in antenna arrays
  •  Surveillance and tracking in phased array radar

Course schedule
: 22 hrs. Lectures + 3 hrs. Laboratories + 10 hrs project

  Basic knowledge about EM, electrical circuits and signal processing (graduate courses on electromagnetic waves, electrical circuits including microwave (RF) circuits, and signal processing)

Availability: 20 students

Student grant information
  A maximum of five grants for course registration fee.
  1st May 2016, deadline for grant application

  accommodation is not included in the course fee.

  Prof. Alexander Yarovoy (EWI- Microelectronics Dept., TU Delft, Delft, NL)

Detailed Course Information at

Location: TuDelft - Delft
Date: 03/07/2016 - 08/07/2016
Contact Person:    A. Yarovoy      E-mail:
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• Non-profit institution: 440 € • Profit institution: 1100 €
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