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Fundamentals on Antennas

Course purpose

From the European antenna community (i.e., ESoA & EurAAP) it has been seen that there are other scientific and industrial communities that may find problems when dealing with antenna topics, for instance, in the development of global projects.

 The spectrum of these communities is quite broad: Microwave engineers, Communication (i.e. mobile communication) engineers, Signal Processing engineers, Terahertz engineers, mechanical and robotics engineers and aerospace engineers and other applications, i.e., bio or medical professionals.

This antenna course is devoted to explain the fundamentals on antennas to those communities, and to offer them some help on dealing with antennas.

In addition, application examples will be given, as well as industrial lectures on integrated antennas (i.e. mobile or GPS), base station antennas, space application antennas and terahertz antennas.


        Introduction to antennas. The antenna from the signal processing point of view.

        Vocabulary on antennas: Antenna parameters and fundamentals on measurements.

        Elementary antennas I: Small antennas and resonant antennas.  Application: integrated antennas for mobile communication systems and GPS.

        Fundamentals on antenna arrays. Application: arrays for base stations.

        Elementary antennas II: Aperture antennas. Application: on board antennas.

Introduction to active antennas.  Application: Terahertz antennas.

For further information see the file: FOA_ESOA_brochure.pdf and agenda_FOA.pdf

Course schedule
: 30 hours (23h lectures, 7h laboratory and assignments) +15 hours of self-study

basic physics and maths

Availability: 30 students

Student grant information:

A maximum of four course registration fees will be granted to students from non-profit institutions. For more details see the Registration.pdf document.

In addition, please, note that COST VISTA also awards travel support grants for ESoA courses (1 grant/course). The application has to be sent via an email to stsm@cost‐ and must include the following documents: CV, Letter of endorsement (Deadlines: Deadline of the Grant to Cost Vista: 31. July 2015). For more details visit:

Payment information

The fee includes: course material, coffee breaks, lunches and social dinner.

 Non profit institutions: € 440

 Profit institutions: € 880

Please for payment go to:

Additional Info
: the course gives 2 ECTS credits
How to reach:

The course will be held at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Campus Puerta de Toledo (also known as Mercado Puerta de Toledo). The Campus Puerta de Toledo is just at Madrid downtown 15 minutes walking from Puerta del Sol or Palacio Real. See file ESoA_accessguide.pdf

  Accommodation is not included in the course fee. It is recommended Hotel Puerta de Toledo just opposite the venue of the course and in Madrid downtown. Special prices have been arranged between october 18th and friday 23rd: 58€ single room, 68€ double room single use and 86€ double room double use (all prices include breakfast and taxes).  Please contact the hotel Puerta de Toledo at  (with copy saying in the subject "course on Fundaments on Antennas_ESOA_UC3M"

Please hurry up with reserving the accomodation since there are quite a lot of events these days in Madrid and we cannot assure there will be free rooms if the reservation is delayed.

Further Information

Contact persons: Daniel Segovia-Vargas and Ana Lopez Yela ( )


Prof. Daniel Segovia-Vargas and Magdalena Salazar ( )

Location: UC3M - Madrid
Date: 19/10/2015 - 23/10/2015
Contact Person:    Magdalena Salazar and Daniel Segovia-Vargas      E-mail:;
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