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Reconfigurable Antennas and Arrays

Course description

The aim of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the design fundamentals of reconfigurable antennas and arrays.
The course covers application oriented topics by motivating design drivers with specific case studies and showing some examples of current research developments. Background information will be also provided on basic array theory, semiconductor technology and integration aspects.
The course incudes two hands-on sessions on reconfigurable antennas and on phased arrays. A case study on automotive radars will allow attendees to have an industrial perspective of reconfigurable arrays. The course will be concluded by a lab visit and by a live demo.
The course is organized by the European School of Antennas in collaboration with the School of Advanced Professional Studies (Ulm University) and within the framework of the EuMA Courses on Microwaves (EuCoM).

For more information please read the course brochure or the detailed course program

General information

Doctoral Course
Ulm University, Germany
August 31 – September 4 2015

Course schedule
: 25hrs of teaching - 6hrs of laboratory - 4hrs of personal exercises

  • Antenna basic theory
  • Familiarity with RF Systems, Microwave Circuits and RFIC
Availability: 20 students

Registration fee
• Non- profit institution : €450*
• Profit institution: €890*   (discounted double industrial registration fee: €1500)
* €10 discount for IEEE, IET and EuMA members

Additional Info: the course gives 1.5 ECTS credits

**** **** News **** ****

July, 7 2015 - New scholarship available!

We are pleased to announce a * new scholarship * for the participation to the Doctoral Course on “Reconfigurable antennas and arrays”. The * new scholarship * is offered by the European Microwave Association (EuMA).

August, 8 2015 - So far, only 3 places left!

Due the high demand, we had to increase the maximum number of participants from 20 to 30 students and only * 3 places * are still available. Do not miss the opportunity to join us in Ulm. Please be aware that the next session of the course will be planned on 2017.

Course program

  -Applications and design drivers

Reconfigurable antenna design and applications for low and high frequencies

  -State of the art and challenges -Examples of research on mm-wave reconfiguration technologies

Introduction to components and analysis for reconfigurable antennas

  -Introduction to Components and Analysis for Reconfigurable Antennas
  -Introduction to components
  -Performance parameters for components
  -Microwave circuit and antenna analysis
  -System level behavioural models
  -Balanced to unbalanced converter technology
  -Active antennas

Phased array concepts and architectures

  -Basic phased array theory (active impedance, scan blindness, etc)
  -Phased array architectures (e.g. phase shifter, DBFN, MIMO)

MMIC introduction and design flow

  -Types of Reconfiguration Devices and Technology
  -MMIC in antenna applications: system aspects and technology context
  -Introduction to MMIC, design process and strategies for re-configurability
  -DC bias and other considerations

Introduction to semiconductor technologies and devices

  -Semiconductor technologies
  -Reconfigurable Si-Ge MMIC design
  -MMIC building blocks, including active and passive blocks needed for on-chip re-configurability

MMIC front ends

  -MMIC functional blocks
  -Integrated front ends
  -Design examples
  -Packaging and integration

System integration

  -Antenna types and feeds for highly integrated packages
  -Integration of devices into antennas, including surface mount, MMIC, LTCC
  -Interconnects and assembling issues
  -Packaging and thermal management

Case study: automotive radars. Antennas and system concepts


Design of a reconfigurable active reflectarray in Ka band (EU FLEXWIN project)


Keysight ADS hands on lab session

- Design of a 30 GHz low-noise amplifier in Si/SiGe BiCMOS

Lab visit and live demo

- Demonstration of the Ka-band active reflectarray module (EU FLEXWIN project) in the lab

Industrial endorsements:

The course is endorsed by:
Elettronica SpA
Keysight ADS

Course registration

Course registration is now open!
Please fill in the course preliminary registration form to start the registration process. The preliminary registration form is available as a Google Form or as a PDF form. Please note that the web application form is designed with Google Form which might be not reachable from some companies or universities. In alternative you can use the PDF application form which can be found at the end of this page.

Student grant information:
Grants will be offered only to 4 PhD students from no-profit institutions.
Students applying for a grant, should send by e-mail a motivation letter (one page) explaining the reasons why they request one of the grants which are available for free course participation (only the registration fee is free, not travelling or accommodation expenses!)

The motivation letter should be signed also by the PhD supervisor.



School of Advanced

Professional Studies

Albert-Einstein-Allee 45

D- 89081 Ulm Germany

please click <here> for details on how to get to the course location

  Accommodation is not included in the course fee. Support and details of how to book accommodation will be provided by e-mail.

Further Information:
  To receive further information you can subscribe your e-mail address to the course mailing list (see the button below) or send an e-mail to


Prof. H. Schumacher, Ulm University - Germany

Prof. P. Gardner, University of Birmingham - UK

Dr. L. Boccia, University of Calabria - Italy

Location: Ulm University- Ulm, Germany
Date: 31/08/2015 - 04/09/2015
Contact Person:    Dr. Gabriele Gröger      E-mail:
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