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A4 Events and Dissemination Juan Mosig Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne

The ARTIC workshops are organised along the duration of the project, to consolidate the tight exchange of information foreseen in from ACE Experts Groups and the researchers involved in the Intelligent Car initiatives. The goal is to create durable contacts among colleagues to be continued beyond the ARTIC duration.

The ARTIC Workshops bring together both the antennas and the car manufacturers representatives to provide a set of sessions on antennas technologies and sub-systems. These Workshops are joined with the EuCAP Conference in order to reach the highest degree of involvement from the antenna scientific community.

The first ARTIC Workshop took place in Berlin, joined with EuCAP2009; the given presentations are attached.



In addition, ARTIC aims at providing contributions in events organised by the COMeSafety project, the C2C Communication Consortium and other related EC funded projects, in order to facilitate the knowledge exchange and ARTIC results dissemination.

File Size Date
SISTER-Project.pdf 758 kB 17/04/2009
Welcome.pdf 327 kB 15/04/2009
ACE-Background.pdf 5.9 MB 15/04/2009
UKARL-Virtual-Drive.pdf 1.9 MB 17/04/2009
JAST-Vehicular-Antenna.pdf 2.6 MB 17/04/2009
ACE-Antenna-SW&Test-Best-Practices.pdf 4.3 MB 17/04/2009
UPM-Antennas-for-Cars.pdf 7.9 MB 17/04/2009
ALTRAN-Automotive-Antennas.pdf 7.6 MB 17/04/2009
ARTIC-FICOSA_Integrated_Antennas_Rear_View_Mirrors.pdf 2.1 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-IDS-Overview.pdf 1.1 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-IMST-Automotive Applications.pdf 3.1 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-JAST-FTiezzi.pdf 1.4 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-RUAG-Key Aspects.pdf 737 kB 25/08/2010
ARTIC_SoftLAB.pdf 2.2 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-TICRA-EDX.pdf 163 kB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-UPM-MIMO antenna for cars.pdf 3.2 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC-UR1-Millimeter-wave & Integrated Antennas_v4.pdf 1.2 MB 25/08/2010
ARTIC Workshop SISTER Overview v3.pdf 2.4 MB 25/08/2010
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