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A1 Expert Groups Per Ingvarson RUAG Aerospace

A number of Expert Groups (EG) have been formed in ACE. They represent the European excellence in antenna research areas related to:
EG 1:  Millimetre & Submillimetre Wave / Integrated Antenna Expert Group;
EG 2:  Small Antenna & Sensors Expert Group;
EG 3:  Wideband Antenna Expert Group;
EG 4:  Array Antenna Expert Group;
EG 5:  Smart Antenna Expert Group.
The Expert Groups are composed by experts from organisations coming both from the ACE consortium and from outside ACE.

ARTIC aims at transferring the state-of-the-art from these ACE Expert Groups to the researchers involved in the Intelligent Car Initiative. In particular, the reports and the other deliverables will be presented and discussed in a set of meetings, organised to facilitate the technology transfer. The transfer in the opposite direction from the Intelligent Car Initiative will establish the specifications for the multitude of different wireless systems imaginable for cars. These specifications will serve as input to the antenna community and form the basis for new antenna technologies, antenna software, antenna measurement techniques etc. to be developed.

The complexity of the vehicle communication and sensor systems requires the cooperation between several expert groups.
The main efforts are shown in the presented table.

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ARTIC-D1-1-v20.pdf 1.9 MB 25/08/2010
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