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Frontiers in Electromagnetics Douglas H. Werner, Raj Mittra Wiley-IEEE Press 1999


Frontiers in Electromagnetics

Douglas H. Werner, Raj Mittra

Wiley-IEEE Press


814 pages




"FRONTIERS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS is the first all-in-one resource to bring in-depth original papers on today's major advances in long-standing electromagnetics problems. Highly regarded editors Douglas H. Werner and Raj Mittra have meticulously selected new contributed papers from preeminent researchers in the field to provide state-of-the-art discussions on emerging areas of electromagnetics. Antenna and microwave engineers and students will find key insights into current trends and techniques of electromagnetics likely to shape future directions of this increasingly important topic.


Each chapter includes a comprehensive analysis and ample references on innovative subjects that range from combining electromagnetic theory with mathematical concepts to the most recent techniques in electromagnetic optimization and estimation. The contributors also present the latest developments in analytical and numerical methods for solving electromagnetics problems. With a level of expertise unmatched in the field, FRONTIERS IN ELECTROMAGNETICS provides readers with a solid foundation to understand this rapidly changing area of technology.


Topics covering fast-developing applications in electromagnetics include:

  • Fractal electrodynamics, fractal antennas and arrays, and scattering from fractally rough surfaces
  • Knot electrodynamics
  • The role of group theory and symmetry
  • Fractional calculus
  • Lommel and multiple expansions.


Table of Contents


Basic Array Characteristics.


Linear Array Synthesis.


Planar and Circular Array Pattern Synthesis.


Array Elements.


Array Feeds.


Mutual Coupling.


Finite Arrays.


Superdirective Arrays.


Multiple-Beam Antennas.


Conformal Arrays.


Measurements and Tolerances.




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