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Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications Antti V. Raisanen and Arto Lehto Artech House 2003


Radio Engineering for Wireless Communication and Sensor Applications


Antti V. Raisanen and Arto Lehto

Artech House

396 pages.





Covering a wide range of application areas, from wireless communications and navigation, to sensors and radar, this practical resource offers you the first comprehensive, multidisciplinary overview of radio engineering. You learn important techniques to help you with the generation, control, detection and utilization of radio waves, and find detailed guidance in radio link, amplifier, and antenna design. The book approaches relevant problems from both electromagnetic theory based on Maxwell’s equations and circuit theory based on Kirchoff’s and Ohm’s laws, including brief introductions to each theory.

Featuring in-depth discussions on passive transmission lines and components, RF circuits, and fundamentals of antennas and radio wave propagation, this essential reference helps you fully understand and design radio systems, taking into account noise and modulation considerations. What’s more, the book includes a review of biological effect and safety standards. This unique volume also serves as an excellent text for undergraduate- and graduate-level electrical engineering courses in this area.



Table of Contents



Introduction to Radio Waves and Radio Engineering 

Radio Waves as a Part of Electromagnetic Spectrum.

What is Radio Engineering? Allocation of Radio Frequencies.

History of Radio Engineering from Maxwell to Present.


Fundamentals of Electromagnetic Fields

Maxwell’s Equations. Fields in Media.

Boundary Conditions.

Helmholtz Equation and its Plane Wave Solution.

Polarization of a Plane Wave.

Reflection and Transmission at a Dielectric Interface.

Energy and Power.


Transmission Lines and Waveguides

Basic Equations for Transmission Lines and Waveguides.

TEM Wave Modes.

TE and TM Wave Modes.

Rectangular Waveguide.

Circular Waveguide.

Optical Fiber.

Coaxial Line.

Microstrip Line.

Wave and Signal Velocities.

Transmission Line Model.


Impedance Matching 

Reflection from a Mismatched Load.

Smith Chart.

Matching Methods.


Microwave Circuit Theory

Impedance and Admittance Matrices.

Scattering Matrices.

Signal Flow Graph, Transfer Function, and Gain.


Passive Transmission Line and Waveguide Devices 

Power Dividers and Directional Couplers.

Ferrite Devices.

Other Passive Components and Devices.


Resonators and Filters 




Circuits Based on Semiconductor Devices

From Electron Tubes to Semiconductor Devices.

Most Important Semiconductor Devices.



Frequency Converters (Mixers) and Frequency Multipliers.


Monolithic Microwave Circuits.



Fundamental Concepts of Antennas.

Calculation of Radiation from Antennas.

Radiating Current Element.

Dipole and Monopole Antennas.

Other Wire Antenna.

Radiation from Apertures.

Horn Antennas.

Reflector Antennas.

Other Antennas.

Antenna Arrays.

Matching of Antennas.

Link between Two Antennas.


Propagation of Radio Waves

Environment and Propagation Mechanisms.

Tropospheric Attenuation.

Bending (Refraction) of Radio Waves in Troposphere.

Line-of-Sight Path. Reflection from Ground.

Multipath Propagation in Cellular Mobile Radio Systems.

Propagation Aided by Scattering: Scatter Link.

Propagation via Ionosphere.

Propagation as a Ground (Surface) Wave.


Radio System

Transmitters and Receivers.


Modulation and Demodulation of Signals.

Radio Link Budget.




Radio Link Systems.

Wireless Local Area Networks.

Mobile Communication.



Remote Sensing.

Radio Astronomy.

Sensors for Industrial Applications.

Power Applications.

Medical Applications.

Electronic Warfare.


Biological Effects and Safety Standards.


Appendix A - Vector Operations.


Appendix B - Physical Contacts and Material Parameters.


Author Biographies.


List of Abbreviations.

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