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Phased Array Antennas Arun K. Bhattacharyya John Wiley & Sons 2006

Phased Array Antennas


Arun K. Bhattacharyya

John Wiley & Sons


520 pages



A comprehensive guide to the latest in phased array antenna analysis and design--the Floquet modal based approach

This comprehensive book offers an extensive presentation of a new methodology for phased array antenna analysis based on Floquet modal expansion. Engineers, researchers, and advanced graduate students involved in phased array antenna technology will find this systematic presentation an invaluable reference.

Elaborating from fundamental principles, the author presents an in-depth treatment of the Floquet modal based approach. Detailed derivations of theorems and concepts are provided, making Phased Array Antennas a self-contained work. Each chapter is followed by several practice problems. In addition, numerous design examples and guidelines will be found highly useful by those engaged in the practical application of this new approach to phased array structures.

Broadly organized into three sections, Phased Array Antennas covers:

* The development of the Floquet modal based approach to the analysis of phased array antennas
* Application of the Floquet modal based approach to important phased array structures
* Shaped beam array synthesis, array beam forming networks, active phased array systems, and statistical analysis of phased arrays

Incorporating the most recent developments in phased array technology, Phased Array Antennas is an essential resource for students of phased array theory, as well as research professionals and engineers engaged in the design and construction of phased array antennas.


Table of Contents


Front Matter


Phased Array Fundamentals: Pattern Analysis and Synthesis

Introduction to Floquet Modes in Infinite Arrays

Floquet Modal Functions

Finite Array Analysis Using Infinite Array Results: Mutual Coupling Formulation

Array of Subarrays

GSM Approach for Multilayer Array Structures

Analysis of Microstrip Patch Arrays

Array of Waveguide Horns

Frequency-Selective Surface, Polarizer, and Reflect-Array Analysis

Multilayer Array Analysis with Different Periodicities and Cell Orientations

Shaped-Beam Array Design: Optimization Algorithms

Beam Forming Networks in Multiple-Beam Arrays

Active Phased Array Antenna

Statistical Analysis of Phased Array Antenna



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