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Finite Antenna Arrays and FSS Ben A. Munk John Wiley & Sons 2003


Finite Antenna Arrays and FSS


Ben A. Munk

John Wiley & Sons


392 pages




A periodic surface is an assembly of identical elements arranged in a one or two-dimensional array. Such surfaces have various effects on incident electromagnetic waves. Their applications range from antennas to stealth aircraft.This book discusses finite antenna arrays and how to minimize the radar cross section of these arrays.
"Ben has been the world-wide guru of this technology...Ben Munk has written a book that represents the epitomy of practical understanding." W. Bahret, United States Air Force
Frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) have important military and civilian applications including antenna theory, satellite communications and stealth technology
Author is an authority on the subject, having been instrumental in the development of stealth technology for the US Air Force
Much of the material in this book was deemed classified due to its importance to defence


Table of Contents


Front Matter


On Radar Cross Section of Antennas in General


Surface Waves on Passive Surfaces of Finite Extent

Finite Active Arrays

Broadband Wire Arrays

An Omnidirectional Antenna with Low RCS

The RCS of Two-Dimensional Parabolic Antennas

Aperiodicity: Is It a Good Idea?

Summary and Final Remarks

Appendix A: Determination of Transformation and Position Circles

Appendix B: Broadband Matching

Appendix C: Meander-Line Polarizers for Oblique Incidence

Appendix D: On the Scan Versus the Embedded Impedance



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