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Microstrip Antenna Design Handbook R. Garg, P. Bhartia, Inder Bahl, and A. Ittipiboon Artech House 2001


Microstrip Antenna Design Handbook


R. Garg, P. Bhartia, Inder Bahl, and A. Ittipiboon

Artech House

875 pages



Based on Bahl and Bhartia's popular 1980 classic, Microstrip Antennas , this all new book provides the detail antenna engineers and designers need to design any type of microstrip antenna. After addressing essential microchip antenna theory, the authors highlight current design and engineering practices, emphasizing the most pressing issues in this area, including broadbanding, circular polarization, and active microstrip antennas in particular. Special design challenges, ranging from dual polarization, high bandwidth, and surface wave mitigation, to choosing the proper substrate, and shaping an antenna to achieve desired results are all covered.


With more than 400 illustrations, and over 1600 equations and analytical techniques for all types of common microstrip antennas -- plus examples and design curves for quick checking -- this practical handbook saves you hours of expensive design time while helping you achieve peak antenna performance.


Whether your work involves antennas for electronic warfare, mobile and personal communications, or even intelligent highway systems, this comprehensive handbook strengthens your knowledge of microstrip antennas as a class, and guides you in their practical applications in modern communications systems, including those for satellite links, mobile communications and wireless local area networks.


Table of Contents


Microstrip Radiators


Various Microstrip Antenna Configurations

Feeding Techniques and Modeling

Applications. Radiation Field

Surface Waves and Photonic Band-Gap Structures


Analytical Models for Microstrip Antennas


Transmission Line Model

Cavity Model

Generalized Cavity Model

Multi-port Network Model (MNM)

Radiation Fields

Aperture Admittance

Mutual Admittance

Model for Coaxial Probe in Microstrip Antennas

Comparison of Analytical Models


Full-Wave Analysis of Microstrip Antennas


Spectral Domain Full-Wave Analysis

Mixed-Potential Integral Equation Analysis

Finite-Difference Time Domain Analysis


Rectangular Microstrip Antenna


Models for Rectangular Patch Antenna

Design Considerations for Rectangular Patch Antennas

Tolerance Analysis of Rectangular Microstrip Antennas

Mechanical Tuning of Patch Antennas

Quarter-wave Rectangular Patch Antenna


Circular Disk and Ring Antennas


Analysis of a Circular Disk Microstrip Antenna

Design Considerations for Circular Disk Antennas

Semicircular Disk and Circular Sector Microstrip Antennas

Comparison Of Rectangular And Circular Disk Microstrip Antennas

Circular Ring or Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna

Circular Sector Microstrip Ring Antenna

Microstrip Ring Antennas of Non-Circular Shapes


Dipoles and Triangular Patch Antennas


Microstrip Dipole and Center-Fed Dipoles

Triangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

Design of an Equilateral Triangular Patch Antenna


Microstrip Slot Antennas


Microstrip-Fed Rectangular Slot Antennas

CPW-Fed Slot Antennas

Annular Slot Antennas

Tapered Slot Antennas (TSA)

Comparison of Slot Antennas with Microstrip Antennas


Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas and Techniques


Various Types of Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas

Singly-Fed Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas

Dual-Orthagonal Feed Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas

Circularly Polarized Traveling-Wave Microstrip-Line Arrays

Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques

Sequentially Rotated Arrays


Broad-Banding of Microstrip Antennas


Effect of Substrate Parameters on Bandwidth

Selection of Suitable Patch Shape

Selection of Suitable Feeding Technique

Multi-Moding Techniques

Other Broadbanding Techniques

Multifrequency Operation


Loaded Microstrip Antennas and Applications


Polarization Diversity Using Microstrip Antennas

Frequency Agile Microstrip Antennas

Radiation Pattern Control of Microstrip Antennas

Loading Effect of a Short

Compact Patch Antennas

Planar Inverted F Antenna

Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antennas

Dual-Frequency Compact Microstrip Antennas


Active Integrated Microstrip Antennas


Classification of Active Integrated Microstrip Antennas

Theory and Design of Active Integrated Microstrip Antenna Oscillators

Theory and Design of Active Integrated Microstrip Antenna Amplifiers

Frequency Conversion Active Integrated Microstrip Antenna Theory and Design


Design and Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Arrays


Parallel and Series Feed Systems

Mutual Coupling

Design of Linear Arrays

Design of Planar Arrays

Monolithic Integrated Phased Arrays

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