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Adaptive Array Measurements in Communications M.A. Halim Artech House 2001

Adaptive Array Measurements in Communications

M.A. Halim
Wiley Interscience
344 pages



One of the most damaging factors associated with any radio communication system is the effect of undesirable or interference signals. This innovative new book gives you the knowledge you need to ensure your adaptive array system is protecting your communication links to the fullest. It presents concepts and procedures that help you realize the maximum processing capabilities of a given system, choose the right system for a specific application, and identify precautionary steps to avoid adverse effects. Using easy-to-understand language and no higher than secondary school mathematics, this unique resource shows you how to predict the number of interference signals that your system can simultaneously process, the null depth that can be achieved for each interference signal processed by the system, and the effect of external influences on system performance. You learn how to make the tradeoff among various quantities such as the desirable signal level, the number of interference signals, and the possible null depth associated with each interference signal. The book is extensively referenced with over 700 equations and 55 illustrations.


Table of Contents


Fundamental Concept



Conceptual Representation of Adaptive Arrays

The Linear Array

The Beamformer

The Signals

The Signal Processing Network

Adaptive Signal Processing


Simplified Analysis


The Signals

Two Source Two Output System

Two Source Three Output System

Two Source Multi Output System

Three Source Two Output System

Three Source Three Output System

Multi Source Two Output System

Multi Source Multi Output System

Leakage of the Desired Signal into the AUX Port

Effect of the Offset Voltage on System Performance

Effect of the Space Noise on System Performance

The Feed Back Loop

Examples of Practical Beamformers

Phase Shifters and Hybrids


Basic Matrix Expressions



The Signals

The Signal Processing Network

Modal Representation of Matrix Expressions

Physical Significance of Eigenvalues


 Reference and Appendix.

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